4 Ways Technology Changed The Face Of Gaming

The era that has gone-by saw significant strides in technology. There were disruptive innovations that changed the world of gaming altogether. The entire structure of video games and how they are played went through a paradigm shift. Let’s take a look at what some of these transformations were.

• The most prominent advantage technology brought to gaming was portability. It is not a requirement anymore to set up a big bulky box to play a video game. The key word being “requirement,” most serious players still prefer to use PS or Xbox to enter the world of gaming until today. But for the rest of the people gaming consoles that are tiny and portable are like manna from heaven. With a press of a button, one can play anywhere and anytime.
• The next big innovation that rocked the world of gaming was online play. An online game allowed users to play with anyone irrespective of their geographic location. It was with its advent that games that required multi-players came into their real potential. This technology has such a massive effect on video games that it became a crucial point of success for any new release. Online gaming also gave birth to Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games aka MMORPG. The experience is considered one-of-a-kind and must have at least once in a lifetime. An example of the zenith MMORPG has seen is World of Warcraft. The game has more than 8 million people as subscribers from around the world.
• Playing anywhere and with anyone has its benefits, but it’s the evolution in graphics that made gaming genuinely entertaining. With an upgrade of hardware and high-speed pixelated screens and choppy avatars turned graceful and lifelike. But it was the addition of the third dimension that completely turned around video games. In 2D, there was a limit to which a gamer could explore. One could look up or down or see views and platformers. 3D brought about a fundamental change. Video games not only look better but also feel real.
• The last bit of technology that impacted video games in a major way is Artificial Intelligence. This is one avenue that is still being explored to its full capacity. But long gone are the days when a gamer had no one to play with at all. The days of drudgery are no more. One can now play against A.I. and not even know it. We have advanced enough to train a computer to mimic a human to the T.
Most considered AI to be the leading advancement in video games. It is deemed to be the very reason for the existence of the present version of all games. This is true to a point. It takes a team to create anything correctly. The same applies to gaming. AI might have been the spark that caused the evolution, but each bit of technology played its part. The hope now is to see what the next era will bring to the world of video games. The consensus is about VR games.