What Are The Latest Advances In Gaming Technology?

Earlier the video games used simple physics but as technology progressed so has the quality of video games. Video games are extremely popular not just with kids but with adults too. Due to its popularity you can find them everywhere on your computer, mobile, tablet and numerous gaming parlors are catering to the demand. With some latest advances in technology, the gaming is only going to get better.
Listed below are some technological advancements that you can see in future gaming.

Face and Voice recognition:
Face recognition is being used extensively in smartphones, and the same technology is being used in the gaming industry too. Through 3D cameras and scanning, you can create a custom character for your game who looks like you. What’s more, you can also translate your facial expressions to the creations, so while playing a game, it seems like as if you are not just controlling the actions but also feels like you are physically there amidst the action. The 3D cameras can scan emotions at different angles when it is pointed at the gamer’s face, and the software will be able to adapt it to the game. For example: If you show a happy face, the level of difficulty of the game increases.

Like face recognition, there are also games which can be controlled through voice recognition. The software can act based on the commands you provide. You can play, switch on, off and make selections from video library too.

Motion controlled: There are many games which allow you to play just by waving your hand. Again, a 3D camera is used to track the motion of your hand and capture it in several different points. That allows the user to have a personal gaming experience by using gestures and movements. For example: As a leader of a warrior gang, if you want to tell your team to follow you then you can use your hand gesture to signal to your team.

HD display and graphics: The graphics employed in the games these days allow gamers to experience it in high textures. That makes them feel like as if they are playing right in the arena instead of outside. As the graphics of video games are cutting -edge the display cannot be left behind and hence Ultra 4K gaming has gained a lot of popularity. Though the 4k gadgets were costly initially, the price is on the decrease ever since and is slowly becoming the standard display for gamers leaving behind the 1080p display.

Virtual and augmented reality: Virtual gaming consoles give an incredibly realistic gaming experience on those VR displays and can spend endless hours playing and using it and may not feel like getting back to real world.
Augmented reality games or the AR games are unique games where real-life situations are applied to the game. You will not be using a TV or a computer to play but a particular device which can help to play the game.

Gaming using cloud: Gaming has also moved to the cloud like every other software eliminating the need for costly hardware. Gamers and developers are no longer limited by the memory of either the console or the disc. The cloud, the server is massive, and hence games can be streamed directly using the internet.